1963 Corvette Restoration

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  • Date

    February 2018

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  • Location

    Lindenhurst NY

We have had the pleasure of getting involved in this rare 1963 survivor corvette restoration. With only 41.000 miles on it it was a rare find indeed. However the entire chassis and the overall undercarriage of the car was in bad shape.

After initial inspection our team concluded that the car are perfect fit for dry ice cleaning method. Traditional blasting methods would have caused much more damage to the car thus making the restoration process almost impossible. The job that we have performed exceeded our expectations as we have managed to salvage parts of the original paint once the layers of rust and debris have been removed. Due to the non abrasive nature of dry ice and the absence of secondary waste from the cleaning process, dry ice blasting is perfect fir for restoration, conservation and historical preservation projects.

The corvette won the award at Indy speedway, the most prestigious corvette show in the country.