Industrial cleaning made eco-friendly

Dry Ice Blasting is the green cleaning solution.

Traditional industrial cleaning systems create secondary waste in the form of noxious sand, solvents or other cleaning materials. These toxic materials must be disposed of after use, often with insufficient procedures as to their safe disposal. There is also the issue of the tonnage involved. Unsafe cleaning methods add thousands of tons of toxic secondary waste to municipal landfills each year, possibly polluting local environments in the process.

Dry Ice Blasting reduces risk by controlling toxic by-product waste, and has been approved by the EPA, and is FDA and USDA rated.

Dry Ice Blasting leaves no carbon footprint

Dry ice pellets are formed with reclaimed liquid carbon dioxide (CO2)—that is, it is recycled as a byproduct of other industrial processes. No additional CO2 is produced or added to the atmosphere and cleaning is accomplished without damaging the planet’s protective ozone layer or adding to the greenhouse effect.

The dry ice pellets simply evaporate, leaving only the debris that damaged the original surface to be removed.